“Having researched many property agents to take on our block of flats, as soon as we met with representatives of PMUK we knew they had a clear understanding of our needs and aspirations as voluntary property directors. David pointed out stress points that only a knowledgeable and experienced manager would know of and understand. Their perspectives and recommendations on a range of matters such as administration, funding, parking and security concerns, refuse collection, maintenance and repairs etc. demonstrated insight, empathy and understanding. Following that meeting, directors unanimously agreed to appoint PMUK to manage our site. Our previous managing agents service levels had declined to a point where we were actually quite concerned about the handover process from their side, but PMUK’s team diligently managed that process and clearly got to grips with a lot of complex and varied information to ensure a smooth transition of management.

We immediately saw cost savings with a reduction in insurance premiums through efficient and transparent sourcing, thereby enabling us to devote our limited resources to other, much-needed operational areas. Since then, we have been impressed with the levels, speed and quality of service shown by all team members. They seem to fully understand the needs and requirements of voluntary / unpaid directors who need a dedicated team to follow through and complete on all property matters. Their advice and counsel is also much valued on an on-going basis.”

N. Khoja
203 Addiscombe Road

“We are so glad we switched to PMUK”

“It’s lovely to have this work undertaken with such speed and efficiency and once again I have PMUK to thank for that.  I’m thankful we have you guys and aren’t still with the previous managing agent.”

S. Ludlow
The Paddocks

“You are doing a fantastic job of looking after our investment. As a director, all I need to do is attend the AGM. The property now always looks well maintained and cared for.”

M. Maharaj
Dalrymple Road

“We are so glad we switched to PMUK. They have saved us money and provide the first class proactive service we need. The staff are polite, conscientious and professional. I would therefore recommend PMUK without hesitation.”​

M. Hall
Warblers Green 

PMUK have managed our estate for a number of years now and I couldn’t be happier with the service that they provide.
 The estate was a mess both financially and practically, but things changed almost immediately. They scrutinised every expenditure incurred and shopped around for better deals. They have a wide range of tradespeople that they can call on who work to the highest standards. Two examples of their quick service are:

– There was a wasp’s nest outside the bin cupboard and I was stung. I made a phone call and by the end of the day it had been dealt with.
– The lock to the communal door failed when I returned home from work at 3.30pm, by 5pm a locksmith had attended and I was able to get into my property.

Many improvements have been made including lighting, boilers, digital T.V. aerials and decorating to name but a few. I have found that nothing is too much trouble for them. We have some difficult residents and they are treated with the same courtesy as the more friendly leaseholders.

In the beginning, charges did increase, but they listened sympathetically and people were given repayment plans to clear up arrears accrued during the last management. Strenuous efforts have been made to gather in monies owed and the monthly charge actually reduced by nearly £40 last year.

If I ever have to contact them about any matter it is always dealt with promptly and to my satisfaction. I have had no hesitation at all in recommending them to other estates and long may they continue to manage Glimpsing Green.”

K. Williams
Estmanco (Glimpsing Green) Limited

“You are a breath of fresh air after our previous experiences.”


“As the director tasked with finding an alternative to our previous management arrangements, I found the process of choosing a shortlist of companies to approach very stressful. I felt very much as if I was on my own, with a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. But PMUK were by far the most helpful company I approached, and since teaming up with them, myself and the other directors have had no reason to regret the choice we eventually recommended to the residents here. Support via phone or email is always prompt, and PMUK’s depth of experience means that routine matters are handled smoothly, and the inevitable problems are tackled realistically, and in a timely manner. It really does help take the weight off my shoulders, and has helped us move forward from a position where we just about kept our heads above water — both legally and financially — to a position where we can start planning ahead properly.”

A. McPherson
Berkeley Court

“Our previous Managing Agents had let standards drop drastically and were not responding to the needs of our development.  PM-UK was recommended to a fellow Director and after some research and meeting with PM-UK we decided to appoint them as our Property Managing Agents.   They managed the changeover with great ease, considering our previous agents were not very well organised and PM-UK were able to answer any problems/queries that arose as a consequence of the changeover with no difficulty whatsoever.  It really showed that they had a wealth of experience in property management.
Their knowledge of legislation is second to none and is of great help to our Directors.
Their staff are very professional, efficient and most helpful, as well as being very personable.  I think this is because it is a family business and they are able to give that special touch.
Their response to emails and telephone calls is extremely prompt and they are always able to provide a good selection of trustworthy contractors for works on our site.
They provide us with all the figures/statistics on a monthly/annual basis but if we need interim figures, they are provided within twenty four hours.
Thanks to PM-UK our site is running smoothly and looking well-maintained.
Finally, I would like to say that it is refreshing to deal with such a committed Managing Agent as PM-UK and I would highly recommend them.”

T. Brooker
Orchard Park

“We would like to say a big thank you from all of the residents for the impeccable service Property Manager UK has continued to provide.”

D. Hill
St. Nicholas Court 

“PMUK has been the estates agent since they began. Service is excellent otherwise we would not have worked with PMUK for so long. They run our AGM meetings which are held well in advance so that residents are aware of service charges. All residents have an emergency contact number and there are no outstanding supplier bills. They resolve any issues in a business-like manner and directors are always consulted in such circumstances. I cannot recommend them more highly.”

A. Boulton
Riverstone Court (Erith No.2)

“You are a breath of fresh air after our previous experiences.”

“Thank you for this prompt response about the accounts. It has taken you 2 days to get an answer when we have spent months trying to get the accounts from the previous agent so I am very impressed.”

J Wilkinson

We changed our managing agents at Warlingham House to PM-UK in 2011. Our previous agents had been taken over by a larger company and the level of service had deteriorated. Having contacted and held meetings with several agents, it became clear that PM-UK were a very professional company, they were helpful, willing to listen to our problems (we had many at the time) and they were cost effective. We knew right away that they were the agents for us.   
They dealt with the changeover from our previous management company with the minimal of fuss and greatly improved response times to day to day maintenance problems. They recommended new cleaners and gardeners, as well as areas that we could make savings and highlighted where we needed to improve the blocks in order to comply with the lease and our health and safety obligations. They dealt with a particular problem we had with service charge arrears and this is no longer a problem at all.
They have overseen several large maintenance projects including the digital change over, new fencing, exterior decorating and new double glazed windows to the blocks and overseen the section 20 process where necessary. They previously chaired the AGM’s when they were applicable to our small management company and gained the trust of the leaseholders.
Previously, the directors were bombarded with complaints from leaseholders ranging from litter, blown light bulbs, broken intercoms, as well as gardening and cleaning problems. The biggest compliment I can pay PM-UK is that I cannot remember the last time I was contacted personally by a leaseholder with a problem.
PM-UK has proven to be the management company that we hoped for; efficient, professional, reliable, approachable and very good value for money. We hope that David, John, Stephanie and all of the PM-UK staff will be our managing agents for many years to come.”

M. Slade
Warlingham House